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    Hi all, i'd like to introduce you my first iphone game... Occhio!.

    My name is Alessandro, from Italy.
    In december 2010 i've developed my first game for iphone, Occhio!.

    It's a fast-based game, where people with good and fast calculation capabilities will be able to try out their skills, trying to guess the number of several objects in 18 levels, in only 10 seconds per level!
    The game is short but quite addictive because, after each game, players will try to increase their scores more and more...
    The first update of Occhio! (1.1) has just been released, with new and cool graphics, FULL RETINA SUPPORT, two new levels, geo-scores (with country flags for each score), local score and global highscores and more... (next update will include Gamecenter support).

    I think Occhio! is a new and "fresh" game because it's the first guess-game of that kind. After a low number of games, players will be able to get very closer to the targets, and this will incite them to improve their accuracy and increase their scores.

    Occhio! had decent success in Italy, but i'd really like to improve its spread in other countries... because i think it deserves it, and people can really like it.

    Enjoy it!
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    And now... Occhio! is free! only for a few days! Enjoy it
    07-28-2011 07:18 AM