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    Humanist is a unique solution which helps learn about personal traits of any person, possibility of doing business with him, and foretell probable outcome of a meeting with that person for every day.

    Please note that all this is a result of many years of scientific discoveries. When developing the application we consulted with researchers to guarantee that you will get precise information.

    By the way, you can trust Humanist, because theres many of airline companies are using such a Humanist methods to arrange Pilots schedules.

    Its a freemium version Humanist: the application is free for familiarization thats why it has a number of functional limitations but all of them can be removed there.

    Some questions:
    Q: How the Humanist calculates the results?
    A: The application uses exclusively the scientifically tested and proved methods. Therefore, the algorithms use the formulas created and proven by many scientists.

    Q: What specific scientific methods are used in the application?
    A: 1st method: biorhythmology, one of the sections of chronobiology, a field of biology. 2nd method: structural horoscope authored by Grigori Kvasha.

    Q: Please explain, what kind of science is biorhythmology?
    A: Biorhythmology as a science traces its origins to the beginning of the 20th century, when two absolutely independent researchers (Herman Svoboda and Wilhelm Fliss) arrived at the same conclusions concerning recurrent cycles in a living tissue. Later, in 1979 the theory of biorhythms was substantially refined and augmented in the course of studies on military pilots. And besides, continuously alternating phases were first mentioned centuries ago by Hippocrates and Avicenna.

    Q: What is the meaning of the Grigori Kvasha method?
    A: Grigori Kvasha spent most of his life trying to find patterns in personal traits of people born in certain years. Therefore, his system is built on strict, recurring patterns. The structural horoscope theory receives wider recognition throughout the world, and the results of its application by numerous adherents prove that the Grigori Kvasha system yields correct results.

    ✔ calculating character structure of every person
    ✔ determining a persons influence
    ✔ working with the contacts from your address book
    ✔ forecasts for every day right from the calendar
    ✔ indicating good and critical days in calendar
    ✔ convenient work with biorhythms of any person
    ✔ an option of adding meetings inside the program
    ✔ flexible meeting management
    ✔ synchronization of meetings with iCal with alert on
    ✔ forecasted results of meeting with any person
    ✔ several meeting types for more precise forecasting
    ✔ determining the best day for meeting with any person

    Price: free
    Link: App Store
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    148apps posted the small news about Humanist Plus. Thanks to them, because we didn't asked them to. Really big thanks. Humanist Plus Goes FREE – Blog – 148Apps – iPhone App and Game Reviews and News
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    It sounds great... I love this. Everything which I tested is accurate. Really like it...
    04-05-2011 08:17 AM
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    Thanks a lot! Enjoy it.
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