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    The Fish Dies in the End is an upcoming iOS game developed with cocos2d featuring a cute little fish trying to survive as long as possible against all odds. The game will be released on April 13th!

    You can visit our website for more info.
    There's also a Twitter profile (@thefishdies) and Facebook page. So please follow/like us if interested!


    • Gorgeous 2D cartoon graphics.
    • Retina support.
    • Several unique obstables and enemies to avoid - beware of sharks!
    • Simple, one-touch controls. Anyone can play!
    • Randomly generated game - a different experience every time you play!
    • Game Center integration - Achievements and Leaderboards.
    • Multiple difficulty levels.
    • Best way to kill time! (And a fish...)


    Screenshots (click to enlarge):

    I would love to hear the feedback from you guys! Please tell me if you have any comments, suggestions or criticisms.

    Thanks everyone!
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    03-27-2011 09:54 AM
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    Cool write-up about the game on AppVader. Check it out: SNEEKPEEK: The Fish Dies in the End (iPhone & iPod) | AppVader
    03-29-2011 10:21 AM
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    Just to give you guys a heads-up that the game has already been submitted to the App Store! Now we're only awaiting Apple's approval for releasing the game. If you wanna keep posted, please follow our Twitter profile and like our Facebook page.

    If you haven't seen the trailer yet, check it out on !

    Thanks everyone!
    04-03-2011 09:57 AM
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    The Fish Dies in the End now has a release date: April 13th! Are you guys ready for some fish-dying action???

    It isn't too late to give me feedback about the game. I'm planning more updates after the release and I assure you that every feedback will be considered and any suggestions might make their way to the game in the near future. So, if you have any suggestions, comments or criticisms, don't be shy! Please say it .

    Just to remember some important links:
    Official website: iPhone game | The Fish Dies in the End
    Twitter (@thefishdies)
    Facebook page
    04-07-2011 02:05 PM
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    Wow ! Thats a great news... Waiting for april 13.. wanna see how the fish dies at the end lol
    04-08-2011 08:10 AM
  6. gutenbergn's Avatar
    Thanks a lot, paul100. I hope you like the game when it comes out!
    04-08-2011 10:06 AM
  7. bestemily's Avatar
    It's look good
    04-13-2011 04:13 AM
  8. gutenbergn's Avatar
    Thanks a lot, bestemily! I hope you try it and let me know what you think.
    04-13-2011 08:01 AM

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