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    *The app currently only works on os4, an update is in the works for os3 devices.

    *I cant post links so search for it on iTunes please.
    ★★★ Ultimate Face Manipulator ★★★

    Ever wonder how your teacher would look like with a fat face?

    What if your boss was bald?

    Yourself in a cartoon?

    A sketched picture of your girlfriend forever.

    You can now have almost all of these for FREE! Ultimate Face Manipulator combines all the manipulated fun of your favorite faces. Have images loaded up in your camera roll to be manipulated. Poke fun at them! Have images of your loved ones in cartoon and engraved in sketches; its all available! Best of all, most faces are FREE!

    Select from five manipulations: Fat Face, Old Face, Bald Face, Cartoon Face, and Sketch Face

    You can choose from an unlimited variety of saved photos, from the file button.

    Manipulate photos you find on the web by capturing the screen shot on your ipod device.

    Take many creative photos by pressing the camera button on the left and add a little manipulated twist!

    Use four special markers: eyes, mouth, ears, and chin to fixate on the photo.

    Press Manipulate and watch the magic unfold!

    Login to facebook and twitter and share this amazing app with your friends!!!

    Or better yet, post about the cartoon photo of you and your boyfriend.

    Send your picture to your friends at school by e-mailing it to them with the built-in e-mail function FREE!

    Export your picture and save it forever! ALL FREE.

    Make your teacher bald! Go ahead! You wont be far off from when his hair actually does go!

    Make your dad bald, fat, and old at the SAME time by manipulating the manipulation photo! ALL FOR FREE

    Why try the other face booths when you have to pay for the app? Pay for saving the photos? Why use the other booths when most of them only do one feature once? Just do MOST of them for FREE!
    03-26-2011 10:12 AM
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    Is it possible to share a video link to this?
    03-28-2011 02:13 PM
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    Make your dad bald, fat, and old at the SAME time by manipulating the manipulation photo! ALL FOR FREE
    My kids (11 and 17) already do this pretty well, and without an app! Sorry, just couldn't resist. Made my daughter aware of this app and she's all over it!
    03-28-2011 04:58 PM