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    If you've enjoyed experimenting with GarageBand's Smart Instruments, you might also check out Stealth Bee Jam for iPad. Like Smart Instruments, Stealth Bee Jam is geared for the non-musician, allowing you to Jam to songs like a professional musician. Each specially-created song (we have blues, pop, and rock songs), provides three lead instruments on which you can jam.

    To see a brief demo video, go to:


    (sorry we can't include direct links yet.)

    If you'd like to give Stealth Bee Jam for iPad a try, PM us and we'll send you one of the five available promo codes. All we ask is that you provide us with your honest feedback - either through PM or, better yet, an App Store review.

    For more info about the App, visit stealthbee.com

    -- David
    Stealth Bee Studios
    twitter: stealthbstudios
    03-24-2011 01:45 PM

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