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    Quick! Deliver drinks to the customers before time runs out!

    Build your fortune and unlock bars from all over the world.
    Tap Tap bar is a brand new casual game that is highly
    recommended to all fans of fast paced puzzle games.
    This game is SIMPLE and FUN. You play a bartender as you
    race the clock to deliver drinks and collect tips.

    Game Actions:
    * Serve customers with different drink combinations
    * Earn gold to unlock additional character and items
    * Tap to select/unselect drinks (up to 5 drinks)
    * Tap on the customer to deliver the drinks you selected
    * "Shake" to refresh your cocktail inventory
    * Collect tips or special item from your customers
    * Unlock features with the gold you earned

    * 5 stylishly designed levels: Jamaica, Kyoto, London, Antarctica and New York
    * Beautifully hand-drawn characters and FUN animations
    * Each level comes with its distinct music track OR listen to your own iPod music
    * OpenFeint and Game Center support
    * Retina display support

    * Watch each customer's timer, serve the one with shortest first
    * Unlock additional characters, they will give you new items!!
    * Unlock challenge mode to play at Medium or Hard levels
    * Try not to lose customers in order to get a perfect bonus
    * Remember to pick up tips or items that customer gave you
    03-23-2011 07:14 AM
  2. flyrobdog's Avatar
    Dang..i thought it was going to be a remake of Rootbeer Tapper

    now that game was awesome
    03-23-2011 07:32 PM

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