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    Hello Im Diego Beltran from Insane.

    Insane is a Brazillian company that develops creative and innovative apps for different platforms!

    Our last ipad game (Earth Under Siege) has entered a beta phase and we are sending our
    inscription/teaser website to some blogs and forums that discuss about applestore apps and games!
    The midia content we are sharing at the moment are the screenshots available at the website as well as
    our facebook page and twitter.

    Game lore:
    All major cities were destroyed by bloodthirsty, powerful aliens. All nations must put aside their
    differences in a last effort for survival. 8 state-of-the-art hatches are built in key territories of
    the planet, equipped with the most destructive technologies ever developed. 8 types of cannons under
    only one command. What lies ahead is the most fantastic and deadly war the world has ever seen.

    You can find Earth Under Siege beta apply and screenshots web site at:

    Search for Earth Under Siege at facebook.com

    Anyone who have an ipad can apply for the beta!

    kind regards, Diego Beltran - Insane Desenvolvimento de Softwares ltda.
    03-22-2011 06:19 PM