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    iPod Touch / iPhone Update

    We've just submitted a patch to Apple! Depending on how long they take to approve it (2-6 days usually) you should be able to update FC. Fixes:

    Updated the Online screen so it won't crash even if the server is having trouble.
    My Designs and My Levels menus now split up designs and levels in groups of 50 (just like the online screens). This prevents the game from crashing if you have lots of items saved.
    Added the ability to edit levels youve already created.
    Fixed a bug causing the See other users solutions and Rate buttons to show up on the Next Fifty and Previous Fifty buttons.
    Added a More Games button.

    Thanks to all your bug reports and submitted screenshots we were able to make this happen. Hopefully this will make the iPhone version much easier to use
    03-22-2011 01:06 AM