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    Operation Wow

    25 years later your mission continues. Are your fingers up for fight? Enjoy the first multi-touch shooter!

    Operation Wow challenges you to complete six enthralling missions, but this time you'll need to use your fingers fast enough to get through exciting battles that will keep you glued to your iPhone.

    Forget about the boring machine gun! Now you have the exclusive multi-touch fire that allows you to kill your enemies using several fingers at a time.

    Interact with items that appear on the screen to cause massive chain explosions.

    Enjoy the two minigames included that will help you improve finger speed and dexterity and prepare yourself to win the war.

    A legendary game with a unique gameplay.

    ★★★ Game features ★★★

    ✓ History mode with 6 different levels: Base camp, Jungle, Warehouse, Village, Rescue and Airport.
    ✓ Two minigames: Targets! and Meat ninja!
    ✓ Three difficulty levels.
    ✓ Game Center with challenges and online scores. Fight to be the best.
    ✓ Graphics and explosions optimized to look great on the iPhone 4 Retina Display"
    03-18-2011 11:37 AM