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    I'm proud to present my new app: VK: Video Kaleidoscope. It's a realtime video kaleidoscope, but taken a bit further. It uses live video from the camera (front or back), then uses some nifty effects to combine mirrored images, rather than just mirroring, so it's totally unique. I've spent a lot of time polishing too. The video shows what it can do:


    I can't post links or screenshots unfortunately But a quick search on the app store for VK will find it, or there's an app store link on the video page.

    The video was recorded by attaching an iPhone to a video camera (with cardboard and rubber bands!) and walking around with it, so that's an excellent representation of what it's like. Well, quality is a lot higher than it looks, the video camera is pretty bad.

    To use it, you literally just point the camera at anything, and move around. There's a selection of 5 effects, all with quite different results. There's a built-in camera, built-in photo library + photo viewer, and built-in sharing via email or facebook (you can post directly to your wall from within the app!).

    It's using the video processor in the iPhone to create the effects, so it runs at a nice, smooth 30fps (the maximum the built-in camera can provide).

    Requirements: iPhone 3GS or 4, or iPod Touch with camera, iOS 4.0 or later. It will probably run on iPad2 as an iPhone app, but I'll update it to fully support the iPad 2 as soon I can get my hands on one - expect HD support, video out, and some heavy use of that new GPU!

    Feel free to ask me stuff
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    The app is now featured by Apple as "New and Noteworthy" in the Entertainment category in some countries! Wonderful news

    Has anyone here tried the app? Any feedback?
    03-21-2011 05:00 AM
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    Here's 5 promo codes for the app. Please note that it only works with iPhone 3GS / 4 or the latest iPod Touch with camera. It should also work with iPad 2 (untested until I can get hold of one, and I'll be doing a major upgrade for full iPad2 support then!)

    To use them, open iTunes, and click Redeem on the right (or on the device, open the app store, go to Featured and scroll to the bottom to find it). Just paste in the code and the app will download.

    If you use one, please leave a review on the app store. Reviews really help developers, which helps ensure your apps get great updates Please also post to say which code you used, so others aren't trying to use the same one.

    03-22-2011 10:43 AM
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