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    I know that iOS lacks many things when it comes to basic functionality. Let's take email for example. At work we may be in a deep email thread about Active Directory and group policies and I want to attach documentation to the email chain. It doesn't seem that I am able to. I have to get into the app that has my stuff and then send it from there, which creates a whole new separate thread.

    Is there an app available that can do this? No, I don't want to use dropbox or something like that, I want to use an email program. I really don't want to abandon Apple's email client, but since they have their heads up their butts in regards to SEVERAL basic functions, I don't seem to have a choice.
    03-16-2011 08:47 AM
  2. IamGov#IM's Avatar
    Jailbreak and add mail functions hack. Allows a lot of these basic functions. If you don't want to do this sorry for your luck, but you won't get what your looking for.

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    03-16-2011 09:55 PM