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    feedHopper 4.0 brings (among other things such as AirPlay for podcasts) new offline native instapaper-style Reading Mode for RSS articles (think Safari Reader). There are youtube tutorial videos and tech notes located here:

    feedHopper tutorials

    Here are three ways a feed can be configured for reading in order to understand the value of this feature. Below is a Mac Rumors article from their RSS feed. Mac Rumors only provides article snippets over RSS:

    Now the same article, but configure the Mac Rumors feed for full article download. This will result in the complete website for the article being downloaded and stored on your iPad as opposed to the little snippet in the original feed. While the article can be read in the typical zoom/pan fashion, even if widescreen viewing is turned on, it is quite cluttered and requires downloading many images and 'support chrome' that add little value to the reading experience:

    For any article that has been downloaded in full, you can enable the Reading Mode feature. As shown below, the difference can be breathtaking. Fonts are consistent, and margins are clean.

    Touch the widescreen button and feedHopper will reflow text to account for the extra real-estate.

    You can customize the font size, margin size, and paper type to suit your eyes. Below are two more paper types (News is the default shown above)

    Book offers an aged paper tint to the background to reduce the contrast.

    Invert is for our visually impaired or light sensitive customers. It changes to a cleaner font and provides a dark leather color base:

    There are loads of power user features in the app. For any questions you may have there is a forum:
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    03-13-2011 06:24 PM

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