1. Mike1988's Avatar
    i found this new game app in the app store and i wanted to briefly introduce it to you:
    fun olympix (short form: fox) contains 8 short games within 2 olympics. there are 4 math games (add, subtract, times table) and 4 so called speed games.

    and these speed games are really splashy: the question is how fast can you shake the iphone, how often can you rotate the iphone around its axis etc. the features of the iphone itself are used and this makes funolympix a fun-to-play game.
    its also a game that features the gamecenter. i already tested it with some friends. the best thing is watching the others when they play to see how determined and concentrated they look *lol*

    to cut to the chase: brilliant game yet for free!
    03-09-2011 05:28 AM