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    Spot A Liar

    video lie detector for iPhone/iPad

    Spot A Liar is a video lie/truth detector for iPhone and iPad. This tool will help you spot who is telling the truth or lying, in other words, who you can really trust.

    Unless the person is a very good liar and even the good liars will have a hard time hiding the truth under distress , most of the lies are denounced by some involuntary movement of their faces muscles, by micro expressions, subtle eye movements, postures, gestures and other body language sign or physiological characteristics or behaviors. Such signs are used by intuition and training by those professionals who have to deal with truth/lie situations on a daily basis, like police detectives, anti-terrorism units, judges, security experts, etc.

    This is where Spot A Liar will represent and advantage to you, because it is based on the same principles used by these professionals, all combined in a easy easy to use application.

    Here is how easy is to work with Spot A Liar:

    1. you shoot a video questioning the person (some truth you want to uncover) and import this video on Spot A Liar;
    2. you tell the application where each question starts;
    3. you watch each question and adjust the behaviors you noticed on the subject on the app's proper panel.

    That's it!

    Spot A Liar will then show a Truth/Lie probability scoreboard for each question.

    Spot A Liar is an application that must be used for fun. It helps you detect the signs an answer is true or false. It is a powerful tool. Do not use it to harm or bully people. Use it for fun and laughs!


    Spot A Liar is a universal app. That means the same app runs on iPhone and iPad. The interfaces in both devices are slightly different, due to the nature of the device itself and to the screen size, and this is a truth!

    Grab the app here:
    Spot A Liar [video lie detector] for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Watch the YouTube video here:

    Spot A Liar - video lie detector for iPhone and iPad

    Here you have some promo codes:


    Please don't forget to post a review.

    Spot A Liar is universal (works on iPhone and iPad), is fun and very easy to use.

    I hope you like!
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    Hi guys,

    Here you have a few more codes you can use to redeem a free copy of Spot a Liar.

    Please, don't forget to post a review.


    I hope you like!
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    Hi there! Here you have a few more codes you can use to redeem a free copy of Spot a Liar.


    Please, don't forget to post a review.
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    guess what?

    Here you have a few more codes.

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    Please review it on iTunes. Nobody did it yet and that makes my puppies really sad.

    If you did it. Thanks!

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    Wow, so many codes and nobody even posted to say thanks or post a review. That sucks guys.
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    the saddest part is that nobody reviewed so far...
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    Hi guys, many people are asking me in private for promo codes. Here they are:

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