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    Hi, all feel free to download these physics based and puzzle game all are free for limited time.
    Make way HD
    The player has to direct maximum number of marbles into
    the container placed below. This can be done by drawing path. Make use of the ink to
    draw the pathway and release the marbles to fall into the container.

    * Fascinating and animated graphics
    * Suitable for all age group
    * Exciting levels
    * Addicting and invigorating game play
    Icy Bouncy HD
    Icy Bouncy is a vivacious game released for iPad. The concept of the game is to make
    Snowman reach his destination. You have to make the snow man overcome the hurdles
    like snow blocks to make way towards his home. Tilt, swipe and Jump to make Snowman
    reach home and make the journey as exciting as possible. Less the time taken to
    accomplish the task, the more you will score. Icy Bouncy is fun for kids and adults alike.


    • 60 tricky levels
    • Jump button to control the character
    • Great animations and impressive game music
    • Score based on time
    Kang O Gang HD Lite
    Your journey will definitely be exhilarating throughout. Make the baby kangaroo to safely reach its mother’s pouch to score more points. Beware of the challenges like, bombs falling from the top, Rising Water Level etc. The game play is completely designed to hinge you to the upcoming challenges.


    *60 tough levels
    *Captivating animations and music
    *Smooth user-friendly touch interface
    *Integrated with OpenFeint
    Mouse in House HD
    Test your intelligence and logical thinking and fine tune it. If you love playing challenging games, then Mouse in House is the game for you.

    • No Time Limit
    • Appealing graphics and sound
    • Exciting and challenging levels
    • Integrated Open Feint And Game Center for Global scoring
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