1. Nina Singh's Avatar
    These games are best time killing games, when you want to have a short break.
    Horse Run HD
    Take your Stallion on a wild run amongst the picturesque background and make him
    cover huge distance. The excitement here in this game is all about jump over hurdles and
    collecting points as your Horse gallops. There are different object that make the Horses
    run even more interesting. There are limited life chances to your Horse, make him cover
    the maximum distance and set new records.


    Totally new and innovative game play
    Use intuitive touch gestures to control the horse
    Fantastic animations and sound
    Wild Ants HD
    A tug of war is ensured on the 9.5 inches X 7.4 inches screen of your iPad. Wild Ants are
    ready to attack your food grains, and they appear in different colors and different forms.
    Each has a style of attack, and can tackle your moves at ease. This keeps you head over
    heels to kill them and save your food grains.

    Excellent animation and background score
    Bonus item will get enabled after scoring certain points
    User friendly touch interface

    Coin Loot HD
    Coins Loot is a compelling game, which does not requires great logic, but surely quick nerves to play. This game application will surely entertain you to the fullest. The coins of various precious metals are sandwiched one on another, just go on grabbing the coins, precious gems and keys and score as much as you can. Try to complete all the levels to gain the maximum score. You will have a great time and fun playing this game.


    Challenging levels
    Soothing music and graphics
    Bonus items randomly appear in few levels to score more
    Time is limited
    03-03-2011 02:57 AM
  2. rhasta10's Avatar
    so no more $2 for every iphone games?
    03-06-2011 03:06 AM