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    Hey guys, what do you think of my upcoming Spot A Liar (video lie detector for iPhone/iPad)? Release date: March 3 - see youtube video!

    Hi guys, this is Spot A Liar, my upcoming video lie detector for iPhone/iPad to be released March 3.

    Spot A Liar uses scientific approach to detect lies, based on how people behave under stress and how these behaviors betray the liar. Small signs as excessive eye flickering, stiff posture, blushing and other signs can tell you a person is lying or not.

    Using Spot A Liar is very simple:

    * you shoot a video interviewing the potential liar, asking her/him what you want to know;
    * You import this video on Spot A Liar;
    * if the video contains more than one question, you tell the app where each question begins;
    * you watch each question and take notes of all predominant behaviors presented by the subject while he/she was answering that question. Behaviors like excessive eye flickering, blushing, stiff position, relaxed position, high pitched voice and other that may represent a potential lie.
    * you tell Spot A Liar each behavior you noticed and the app shows you a score board with the probability of lie/truth on the answer.

    Spot A Liar is universal (works on iPhone and iPad), is fun and very easy to use.

    Watch the YouTube video here:

    Spot A Liar - video lie detector for iPhone and iPad

    I will be posting more news here as soon as it is released!

    I hope you like!
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