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    If you want to watch Flash content on your IOS device check out the app called Splashtop in the app store. You'll need to run a small app on your PC or Mac. Then remote in to that machine with Splashtop. I know what your thinking. That this is a lame solution. But flash works great with audio and all. Of course you can use this to do work on your PC remotely. The iPad version is $4.99 but there is a lite version that works for 5 minutes for each connection. The iPhone version is $1.99. This solution is only ment to work while PC or Mac is on the same wifi network as the iOS device. It is supposed to work over 3G but you have to port forward some ports in your router. Haven't tested this yet.

    Check out the lite version for the iPad if this is something your interested in.
    02-23-2011 10:18 PM