Apple Watch Series 3 is down to just $179 at Amazon

  1. bendjoseph's Avatar
    How can I get the key ring app to work with my OtterBox Defendor case? No matter where I check out only the gun scanners can read the bar code. Non of the bed scanners can do it. It works fine with a stick on screen protector.
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    02-22-2011 03:44 PM
  2. buzzdar#WN's Avatar
    Where do I find that key ring App?
    02-27-2011 07:39 AM
  3. paul100's Avatar
    Does the key ring app work for you finely ??
    Coz I've tried 5 times to scan my Droid at store, and I never got this app to work.
    02-28-2011 07:06 AM
  4. wcarlson40#IM's Avatar
    It never worked for me with or without a case. It seems like a great idea, but it doesn't actually work
    02-28-2011 11:51 AM