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    iCrates launches iPhone app –
    A mobile search tool and information source for record collectors,
    music lovers and crate diggers.

    The iCrates app is the ultimate search tool for vinyl records, CDs and tapes on your iPhone and iPod touch.

    So whether you're a vinyl junkie, music collector or simply want to get easy access to relevant information
    on music releases, artists and labels, this app is designed for you!

    The iCrates app gives you instant access to the biggest music databases and marketplaces such as Discogs, eBay, Amazon and iTunes.
    It allows you to search for artists, releases and labels on the go. You can listen to tracks and audio samples, watch videos and share your findings with friends on Twitter, Facebook or by email. The built-in barcode scanner allows users even faster access to search results.
    iCrates shows real-time price offers for releases and evaluates the rarity and average selling price for you in various currencies. This way you'll know when you’ve spotted a real bargain!

    The app also includes the iCrates Magazine, a high end online music magazine focussing on the love of vinyl and analogue music. It provides insights into the international record digging scene, offering readers a new way to rediscover old music. Read stories, reviews and interviews as well as guides to the hottest record stores and markets on the planet.

    Developed for music lovers, by music lovers.

    Get more info here: icrates.org/app

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    Looking forward to your feedbacks!
    02-17-2011 07:16 AM