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    If you own Navigon, you will really like my new app. It has fully functional local search, cut and paste of addresses, and opening of contacts with apartments, suites, etc in Navigon. It has a nice familiar maps interface to it. Below is a cut and paste from my App description on itunes.

    NavAssist v2.1 was submitted to the App Store and should be available anytime. It has a button to zoom to the users current location to make local search much easier. It behaves very similarly to the built in google maps button, in that once you press it, the map center will stay on your current location until you do another search, move the map, etc.

    Search for NavAssist in the App Store!

    Cut & Paste, Local Search and Quick Address Entry for Navigon!

    **NOTE: This is a Utility App and REQUIRES you to have a Navigon MobileNavigator product installed.

    NavAssist makes it easier to use your Navigon MobileNavigator software. You can cut and paste addresses from anywhere, select an address from your contacts (including those with apartment numbers that Navigon cant handle), or select an address from local business search results from within NavAssist. This means no entering address components one at a time to Navigon!

    For local business searches just type in your search query such as "Greek Restaurants" "Grocery Store" or a business name and NavAssist will search near where you currently have the map centered! Much more convenient than Navigon's built in local search since you can search anywhere, not just near you!

    Once you have either selected a contact, cut and pasted or searched for a business, NavAssist shows you the location(s) on the map that match your search. You just select the location from the map that you want to Navigate to. Its that easy!

    NavAssist Features:
    ✓ Cut and Paste addresses from anywhere (including web pages, test messages and other apps) to launch Navigon
    ✓ Local Search centered around whatever map area you currently have selected! **
    ✓ Launch Navigon directly from your contacts (including ones with apartment numbers)
    ✓ Free-form search box that allows almost any form of address entry, including Point of Interest searches such as Empire State Building
    ✓ Supports multiple regions of Navigon being installed and automatically launches the correct one

    New Features this release:
    ✓ Button to Zoom to Users Current Location to make local search much easier

    **NOTE: The business search uses your current map view to determine search parameters, so if you are not getting any search results, try zooming to your desired search area.
    02-11-2011 02:41 PM