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    GeniusDialer is smart, powerful, fast and easy Dialer app. No need to search your contacts. Just dial.
    GeniusDialer supports English T9, Chinese simplified Pinyin and Korean Hangul Choseong search.

    1. Fast address book search
    2. List up with picture
    3. Detailed view of person
    4. Call, Message, Email, Homepage, Map contact in Detailed view
    5. Send phone number via SMS
    6. Edit or Delete address book
    7. Speed Dial
    8. Recents
    9. Call or Message with Prefix

    Support searching for English, Chinese simplified, Korean.
    1. English T9 Search
    Input 6-4-5-1 for Mike
    2. Chinese simplified Pinyin Search
    Input 3-8-9-4 (Fu Yi) or 3-9 (F Y) for 付轶
    3. Korean Hangul Choseoung Search
    Input 1-3-0 (ㄱ ㅌ ㅎ) for 김태희

    Show the history for below action.
    1. Outgoing call
    2. Sending Message
    3. Sending Email
    4. Connecting Homepage
    5. Map Contact

    Quick Invoke
    Hold a item of Recents or Search list to invoke.

    Person View
    Tap Recents or Search list to see Person View and execute below functions.
    1. Outgoing Call
    2. Sending Message
    3. Call or send Message with Prefix Number
    4. Sending Email
    5. Connecting Homepage
    6. Map Contact
    7. Sending Phone Number via Text Message
    8. Address Book Edit
    9. Setting Phone Number on Speed Dial

    With Prefix Number
    Prefix Number allow you to include additional number before phone number when you make a phone call or send message.

    Speed Dial
    Hold the Keypad to invoke speed dial you set.
    02-10-2011 08:58 AM
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    Also Check MY SALES DIALER, on android market If you need dialer for cold calling. This free app works on any android based mobile phone! This dialer is same as call center power dialer It dials list of contacts automatically. Sends messages to the persons you want and reminds for follow up at right time. Folders like prospectus, clients and leads and all the features like a PC based power dialer made this app more comfortable for sales people... Also it works on both VoIP and normal Telephony. Good app for sales folks and available free on android market...
    12-21-2011 06:06 PM

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