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    Ive had my iPhone for 3 days and I signed up for the game center Monday as well. I had found some friends and played a few games, but tonight when I went to play one of those games it asked for my game center ID and when I put in my name and password it started taking me through the new account screens. I canceled put and went to the game center and my account was gone. I then established a "new" account with my old game center ID, which it accepted. I then said it was sending the confirming email, but it didn't actually send the email before confirming the "new" account. The screens where my information was during the sign up process all said "sandbox". Sometimes something like 1p42 followed the word.

    Anyone know what this means? I have jailbroken the phone, but the game center account worked normally afterwards until now. I'm stumped. Has my phone been compromised?
    02-10-2011 12:51 AM