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    Give one app. actually two to your St. Valentine. We are getting closer to St. Valentines and Vito Technology helps you find the right idea.
    Take part in the St. Valentines Happy Hours promotion it is easy and rewarding! You purchase one of Vito Technologys apps (Family Doctor, Geo Walk, Star Walk, Solar Walk), choose two more you would like to give as a present to your St. Valentine!

    Before St. Valentines day you will receive a card dedicated to your St. Valentine with two free codes for the apps you chose. If she/he is always worried about being healthy and make sure the family is too you will go for Family Doctor, if she/he is also very curious person you might want to go for Geo Walk and if she/he is into astronomy you might want to try Star Walk and Solar Walk.

    To be eligible for the lucky pick:

    Purchase one of Vitos apps (Family Doctor, Geo Walk, Star Walk, or Solar Walk) from Feb 10th, 5pm EST to Feb 14th, 5 pm EST, send us your app of choice on Facebook or Twitter with this message
    I just bought XXX and choose YYY and ZZZ as a free bonus on @StarWalk Happy Hours,
    where XXX is the app you purchased, and YYY and ZZZ are apps you would like to get for free!
    We only get 50 codes for each app, so we cant promise everyone will get one, but we will draw lucky winners until we run out of codes.

    The contest ends Feb 14th 5pm EST. Good Luck and Happy Valentines Day!
    02-10-2011 12:12 AM