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    Lumi HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    !! The Valentines 2011 update includes new, free levels for all to enjoy as well as a brand new puzzle piece to help solve the puzzles !!

    Lumi is a puzzle solving game where you take control of light. The idea is simple - shoot the correct colour light into the designated light targets.

    Red light goes to red targets, blue light to blue targets and so on. You control the direction, colour and even the number of light beams by using mirrors, splitters, prisms and light filters.


    - Easy to use, intuitive interface
    - An 8 step tutorial to walk you through the basics
    - Multiple solutions to most puzzles
    - 24 puzzles with the initial download
    - Solve puzzles on various board sizes and difficulties
    - Challenging and fun puzzle mechanics
    - Progress saving - if you're stuck on a puzzle, you can come back to it at a later time and not have to start from scratch
    - Option to add more levels once you're done with the first 24...
    - NO ADS

    Whats new in 1.3?
    - Valentines Day 2011 Special Level Pack (FREE)
    - Brand new 'Light Combiner' piece
    - Improved useability for picking items from the sandbox
    - Improved rotation/filter colour changing to react to quick taps
    - Few other small useability improvements

    Lumi doesn't impose time limits on your puzzle solving skills, and seeing as there are many ways to 'illuminate the problem', we trust you'll have hours of fun with this game.

    The game comes with 24 levels for you to play through, starting with some really easy ones and ending on some mind-boggling brain teasers.

    If you want more levels, they are available as additional downloadable level packs from within the game!

    Lumi HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store
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