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    Crystal Soul is $0.99 today, Happy Valentine's Day!

    Dear all:

    Our newest game "Crystal Soul" is released! It's a special puzzle game with role playing elements. Please check our introduction below. And please tell us if you have any opinion for us!

    Crystal Soul Preview

    Press Release
    Huaxu Culture Creative LLC has announced the release of "Crystal Soul", an unique puzzle game with deep strategy and RPG elements for iOS. As Crystal Champion of Crystennia, an ancient kingdom that uses Crystal Soul as its main energy source, players must protect the kingdom by defeating monsters created by Rune Crystals, and collect different kinds of nature energy released by them. There are 2 modes, 20 stages, 3 different classes with 12 skills in the first version of the game. In Adventure Mode, players must conquer the challenges of different maps and conditions; and in Survival Mode, players have to try their best to survive longer.

    Crystal Soul is now available on the app store with a price of $1.99.
    Here is the iTunes link of the game: Crystal Soul for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    More Pictures
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    Video Link

    Hero , your homeland is at stake!

    As Crystal Champion of Kingdom Crystennia, an ancient empire that uses Crystal Soul as its main energy source, you must protect the kingdom by defeating monsters created by Rune Crystals, and collect the nature energy released by them for your people.

    To travel around every corner of the kingdom, you must collect enough crystal energy to summon the Crystal Gate. Some important gates are guarded by bigger and stronger monsters; you must be cautious and prepared!

    Game Features

    -Puzzle + RPG
    Crystal Soul is an unique bejeweled-like game which includes role playing elements. Players can choose from 3 characters to play through all 20 stages across 4 different kinds of landscapes, and fight boss monsters!

    -3 different classes
    Choose from Swordsman, Mage or Ranger to start your adventure. Each class has its own skills; players must use these skills wisely to survive. Select your favorite or just experience all the difference!

    -4 kinds of landscapes
    In you adventure, you will have to travel through 4 kinds of landscapes, and each landscape has its own main species. Collect their energy and use proper skills to get through!

    -2 classic Game Modes
    Enjoy the adventure inside Adventure Mode to conquer different situations, or have fun in our classic Survival Mode to chase infinite highscore!

    For More Information
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    FYI, Crystal Soul is $0.99 today, Happy Valentine's Day!
    02-13-2011 11:02 PM
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    Oh I see myself posted on the wrong forum (This game is for iPhone for now), is there a way to delete my article?
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