1. dukz's Avatar
    onOonesoftware has just released their new versions on the DSLR Camera Remote app for iPhone 4 and iPad.

    The app itself is good but lacks some fundamental features that users wanted.
    one being is to be able to control the camera without the use of a pc and a wifi connection. its still is the same as the first version of the iphone4 app they released.

    Personally i think its a complete waste of money cause you can download the iphone4 version and still run it on ipad for the fraction of the price.

    After more then 4 month of waiting for a app that was to revolutionise and be the first app to take ipad photography to a new height, we are left looking gloom as we wait for someone else to take that step and release a app that will do what its titled as. DSLR Camera Remote.
    02-06-2011 05:01 PM