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    Now that many more people are making the jump to 4.2 and can use the free Find my iPhone app, I tried following the suggested method of registering my 3G[S] at a near by apple store, where I had access to iphone4 and iPads. I followed the steps on apple's website,Apple - iPhone - How to set up Find My iPhone, with MY apple ID and in the end, never got it to work correctly. I asked tons of the "geniuses" there if they knew how to get it working on a fully supported device, but no one could answer. The answer I got was, you need an iphone4 because find my iphone isn't supported on the 3G[S]. Well they flat out lied there, because it is supported, then I got the crap that its only supported on the NEWER models of the 3G[S] ie, the 8gb model. Well that is a lie too, I got home, bit the bullet and signed up for a 60 day free mobile me trial, and BLAM, find my iphone works...

    So here is my questions to everyone,
    1. have you been able to successfully register your find my iphone using an iphone 4 to do it, what were the steps YOU followed...
    2. Have you tried the trial period of mobile me, then canceled it and still been able to keep the FREE parts of the service, find my iphone, gallery etc.
    3. what other problems have you encountered trying to get this FREE service set up on devices that are fully supported though not explicitly said they are.
    02-06-2011 09:52 AM