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    Gemocide Lite - available in the app store now!
    (Release date 4th February 2011)

    Gemocide Lite is the free version of the fun and innovative puzzle game, Gemocide. This was the first app developed by the independent developer, Marc Gale, based on his popular PS2 yabasic game.

    Just like the full game, players try to clear all the 'gem homes' from the game board by combining and swapping coloured gems.

    Gemocide lite contains 20 specially created, unique levels that are not available in the full game and has almost all the same features as the paid Gemocide game. Players of Gemocide Lite cannot unlock extra themes though or have access to the custom level builder.

    Gemocide Lite has a dedicated section on the official forums at:


    Further information and tutorials can also be found at:

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    New version of Gemocide Lite just released - 7 brand new levels in a special tutorial zone to help players learn more about game play and gem interactions

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