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    imr (In Motion Radios) is not a radio directory with stations from around the world. The Radio Music channels powered and created by imr

    imr (In Motion Radios) is an internet radio that plays 100% Commercial Free music (no interruptions, no jingles, no ad banners) from professional deejays.\nWe created 28+ music channels with a large variety of music kinds from around the world, and a crystal clear sound quality. Each music channel has a different deejay.\n ιmr is available worldwide for Smartphone and tablet devices.\nWe offer one free of charge channel, and a 7 days trial period, for all the channels, as a token of appreciation for downloading this app. Once this time period is expired you need to purchase (in-app purchase) a one or three months subscription period to listen to the non-free channels.


    -Multitasking background play (iOS4). Enjoy your favorite music while you read your email or surf on the internet.
    -Add your favorite station and create your own favorite radio list
    -Contact via email with music director of your favorite channel
    -Playing now, history list on each music channel
    -Music updated every day
    -High quality bit rate (128kbps)
    -Use subscription button for fully access to our music channels, using in-app purchase
    01-28-2011 02:09 AM