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    SOLight is used whenever you want to know how long there is direct sunlight: for an apartment check, for house hunters, architects, photographers and garden planners or to plan the right adjustment for a solar collector.

    SOLight calculates the exact sun paths for your current GPS location. Using the augmented reality (AR) view SOLight shows in a simple and quick way the sun paths throughout the whole year. The peak and the lowest point mark the area in which the sun circulates throughout the year.

    The overlay of the real Live-View with the calculated sun paths generates new information. This is the time frame of the direct sunlight at the current location as well as the difference between the summer and the winter sun positions.

    Starting from the exact sun position according to the date SOLight shows the difference between the summer and winter sun positions at a glance. SOLight can be used in almost every situation in our everyday life. But most likely you want to know how long there is direct sunlight when you are looking for a new apartment or real estate.
    01-26-2011 07:07 AM