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    How do you prove to other fans that you know the most about hockey and hockey culture?

    Check out Go Native! on the App store.

    Go Native! is an iPhone game that asks your opinion about everything. Be the first to reach the beautiful Princess Mango by picking the answer you think the most other players will also choose. Leave the rest of the pack behind by avoiding traps, outguessing your opponents and collecting the most coconuts.

    Beginning today and ending January 31st were hosting a hockey event. Hockey fans can play the game by answering a variety of fun cultural hockey questions, with interesting topics like how to spice up the game. There are over a hundred opinionated hockey questions in the game for you and fellow forum members to have fun with.

    At the end of the contest - the player with the most points and the player with the highest percentage of wins in our hockey event will each win a $25 iTunes gift certificate and be announced on our facebook page (search for Loopycube) and on these forums for all to see. Dont miss out on this opportunity to claim the glory!

    There is also a general opinion game in Go Native!, so when the hockey event is over you can still give your opinions on other less hockey focused questions.

    For those of you who are not interested in playing in this event, Go Native! Free will allow you to play using only the general questions.

    What subjects would you like to see the next events about?
    01-24-2011 09:38 AM