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    Hey Guys,

    What To Eat? What To Wear? What To buy? These are common questions that you would ask your friends. Whether youre deciding between restaurants or outfits, use QuikPiq to get your friends' opinions.

    We're currently accepting beta invitations. We're looking for beta testers who are active on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It's a super exciting time for us, as we've also been selected as one of Canada's next great startups. Request beta invites or Previews at QuikPiq | or PM me here

    Its an application that will let you get your friends opinions from wherever you are and in real time by connecting to you Twitter and Facebook accounts.

    It'd be great to get the support of the TiPb community on this one!

    01-20-2011 04:44 PM
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    Weve just recently launched our iPhone Application QuikPiq!

    Its a super fun way to get your friends opinions on the go. Choosing an outfit? Deciding what movie to watch? Use QuikPiq to get opinions from your friends.

    View QuikPiq in iTunes

    Visit our web application at QuikPiq

    Id like to get some feedback on the app. Do let me know what works and what doesnt work.

    Check it out, use it, and let us know your feedback on our support site Get Satisfaction - People Powered Customer Service

    If you like the app, feel free to rate it. Enjoy!

    Ashish & the QuikPiq team
    04-10-2011 02:54 AM