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    SpectaRuler is THE measuring tool for the iPhone.

    SpectaRuler has been featured as a New and Noteworthy Utility and a What's Hot Utility!

    Other measuring apps often have some pretty significant limitations like the ones listed here:
    -Measure height-ONLY if you know distance
    -Measure distance-ONLY if you know height
    -Measure height and distance-ONLY on level ground
    -Measure height or width-ONLY if you are standing at the same height, and directly in front of the object
    -Measure height or width-ONLY with a frame of reference in the picture

    SpectaRuler on the other hand offers these amazing features:
    -Ruler and Range Finder in one app
    -Measures upright objects
    -Measures small & large objects
    -No reference required in pictures
    -Measures across uneven surfaces
    -Measures objects that are higher or lower
    -Calculates your position relative to an object so NO NEED FOR "head on" measuring

    SpectaRuler has been ranked 8/10 by appcraver.com, and 9/10 by the iPhoneAppReview.com --- What are you waiting for? Check it out today!

    Sorry, but I can't post a link until I've had 10 posts. Just check out www dot spectaruler dot com
    01-19-2011 12:21 PM
  2. wcarlson40#IM's Avatar
    Has anyone tried this yet? It sounds too good to be true!
    01-26-2011 08:31 AM
  3. hollingtech's Avatar
    I wanted to add that as of Jan 25, SpectaRuler is also available for anyone with an iPod touch 4th gen. As to the last comment, I will assure you that it is true. The math that went into SpectaRuler took over 125 hours to derive. This app is compensating for just about everything you can imagine. I am a graduate level engineer, and went to great lengths to make sure that this is the best app for measuring available on the App Store. As long as you follow the instructions, it definitely works. Thanks for your post!
    01-27-2011 07:03 PM