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    Please find some details about a new application that has just been launched, called Parking Aid.

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    Parking Aid released: never waste time searching for your car again

    Returning to your car should be a simple task. But if you are in an unfamiliar location, amongst endless lines of other cars in a large shopping centre car park, or youre just pre-occupied with other things when you park, then it can become a stressful challenge.

    Parking Aid, an iPhone application, has just been released by Cyan Five to stop that moment of anxiety when you realise that youre not sure where your car is parked. Parking Aid works by storing the location of your vehicle using the iPhones GPS facility and then offering a number of ways to guide you back to it later.

    Return to your car: maps, directions and augmented reality

    Navigation back to your car can be done in three intuitive ways:

    1. You can view an overhead map of your car and your current location.

    2. You can get step-by-step directions using the familiar Google Maps interface.

    3. You can use augmented reality. Using the video camera on the iPhone, the direction of your car is indicated to you in real-time. Follow the arrow to return to your car directly.

    With a host of additional features, including an automated address look-up of your cars location, and an alarm feature that can prompt you to return to your car before your ticket expires, Parking Aid sets out to deliver as comprehensive solution as possible for the aspiring vehicle retainer.

    To get the application, please search for "Parking Aid" on the App Store.
    01-18-2011 06:50 AM