1. devonair's Avatar
    I've been using Twitbit Pro since about July, and love it's rock-solid push notifications. In fact, that's the most important feature that I need in a Twitter app. But the app is starting to show it's age, and is missing a few features that I'm lusting over in other apps. In particular, I'd really "like" to have an app that includes all or most of the following:

    - push notifications of replies and DM's (but needs to have a customizable alert tone, unlike the official Twitter app's default -- I need to know if it's a twitter notification and not just an SMS); this is Twitbit Pro's shining feature and I love it.
    - username auto-complete in the compose window (like Echofon; twitbit lets you choose users from a separate window, but it doesn't always show all of my friends as selectable usernames)
    - reply-to-all
    - pull to refresh (like the official Twitter app and Osfoora)

    With the exception of pull to refresh (the feature that is least important to me), Echofon seems to have all of this. Plus, it also has the nice added benefit of syncing with Echofon on the desktop (which is my preferred desktop app). But I've seen in reviews that Echofon's push is unreliable (which is exactly why I went with Twitbit). Has this gotten any better over the past half a year, though? It seems like a waste of money to purchase the Pro app just to test this out.

    Anyone out there using it without complaint?
    01-15-2011 06:49 PM
  2. tonydeli7's Avatar
    When I was using Echofon I also had push problems...Sometimes I didn't get any notification,even if I had a DM..

    Now I am using the official Twitter app and I'm quite happy..
    01-16-2011 12:20 PM