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    ***For Less than the Cost of 1 Online Trade...

    This App will help you Connect and gain advice from other Investors like yourself before the market opens on your stock pick for the day, or share your picks with one another!

    ***Chat in Real Time***

    Watch your picks with "Symbol Lookup" and More to stay up to date through the day and night hours!

    "Penny Stock Chatter" AKA "Stock Chatter" is best known for its ability to Allow Unlimited users to Connect to a Chat Room that primarily serves as a stock investor hub to speak about stock opinions before, during, and after trading hours!

    Penny Stock Chatter also Remains the First of its kind in the iPhone Mobile Application Development Sector allowing for 24-7-365 Chat among stock investors, etc., Providing Cutting Edge Stock Tools, Symbol Lookups, Featured Stocks, and a Top 10 Round Up of Moving Picks with All to the Minute LIVE Data.

    What do I really get for a small 1 time cost?
    -24-7-365 Mobile Stock Chat
    -Bi-Weekly Featured Stock Pick From "Stock Chatter"
    -Stock Tools for Gain/Loss & Symbol Lookup
    -Top Ten Picks on the move
    -Updated throughout the week (Each and Every week)!

    Once you download the App you simply create your username and password and that's it. Access to all the users in chat and all features of the app are unlocked.

    App Requires: Internet Connection

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    01-15-2011 11:43 AM