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    Hello everybody we inform you that a new app dedicated to driving and car safety has been recently released, today is first in navigation category of Italy appstore.
    Below a description of it.
    Do you need to monitor vehicles and driving behaviours? Are you worried for your newly driving licensed children or for your company cars or lorries? Do you find yourself in a lonely road and are afraid that, in case of accident, nobody will come to your help or rescuers will not be able to find you? iDriveControl turns an iPhone into a black-box that records the position of your vehicle, provides information about the safety of driving by signaling dangerous turns, accelarations and brakings.
    If you have an accident, your iPhone sends an email with the position of your car to a list of selected people.
    If you choose, you can have all the data recorded on the web and you can even check them in real time.
    Driving safety is key and iDriveControl is a tool that will make you feel and BE safer.
    Display of driving data during recording with visual and optional acoustic alarm in case unsafe driving;
    Summary of recorded driving data plus total distance and time of each session;
    Settings activating:
    accident alert
    sending driving data and position to the internet
    rain option
    selection of type of car
    acoustic alarm
    user login area to create internet account and enable internet service
    An internet web-site will allow you to see data transferred from the device showing lists, searching functions and maps.

    Take care!
    01-15-2011 03:46 AM