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    Free iPhone Game Mixes Chance, Strategy & Skill Into a Unique, Fun and Addictive Experience.

    Throwing dice is not usually something you can pair with skill. However in flickdice, strategy and skill is an important element as well as chance.

    Flick or throw your dice onto targets with bonus multipliers. Hit the right target with a high number on your dice and youve hit the Jackpot!

    Be careful though! High bonus multiplier also means more risk. You could end up losing your dice to a hazard.

    The game will feature regular updates with new boards, hazards and even special dice and power ups.

    flickdice: Fun, Addictive, Luck, or Skill? How About All of The Above?

    Download For Free

    • #1: The quality of a paid game for FREE to download on iTunes.

    • #2: Use skill and luck to flick your dice and get the highest scores.

    • #3: Play solo, against a friend or the CPU.

    • #4: Openfeint support for highscores.

    • #5: Game center support for highscores.

    • #6: Real world 3D and physics engine gives you a real flickdice feeling.

    • #7: Additional difficulty optional with wind effecting dice.

    • #8: Select your own music whilst playing.

    Once you flick you wont stop!

    • Coming soon: New board types with different surface types.

    • Coming soon: Additional upgrades and dice with special properties.

    • Coming soon: Achievements & in game purchases

    Think youve got what it takes to rank the highest?

    Download For Free

    Website: flickdice - Free iPhone & iPod touch game | Insanely Addictive! You'll need skill and luck.
    Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/flickdice
    Email: support@flickdice.com
    01-11-2011 01:05 PM
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    just gave it a try and it was pretty fun. Looking forward to some new boards to try.
    01-11-2011 05:40 PM

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