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    good news to you all! Neon Battle HD, already available on iPad, is arriving in App Store as a universal app very soon. This means, you are able to play Neon Battle HD on your iPhone 3G, iPod touch 2G+ and on your 4th generation iPhone or iPod touch in high retina resolution!

    Many things have been improved:

    • To help, to learn the game more easy, a new training mode has been integrated: In single player, the game runs slower, there are no enemies, and the canon of the opponent is slower then the one of the player. Additionally, there are some tips, how to play the game. This makes it more easy to learn the game.
    • Training mode for multiplayer: the game runs slower (rockets launch slower) and there are no enemies.
    • An advance survival mode has been added. Here the waves get twice as fast as in the normal mode and there is no limitation in speed of the waves (So this gives another exciting mode for the Crystal-Challenge)
    • The game runs much smoother now (even on an iPod touch 2G.
    • The size of the app has been decreased from 50 MB to 19 MB, this means it could also be downloaded via a 3G connection.

    So stay tuned for the update, coming soon. If you already have an iPad, head over to the App Store and get your copy, the next update makes the game automatically available on your other devices (iPhone, iPod touch, ...)

    And please, don't forget to rate the game ;-)

    Here is the official game description

    Search youtube for Neon Battle HD, to see a video


    Battle head to head with your friends, or try to survive against the computer in this gorgeous, retro style arcade score attack game!

    Take on your friends head to head in Neon Battle HD in either a full game or a Quick battle. Fire rockets, missiles, and bombs as you try to destroy your enemies shield and win the game! With a blend of fast paced action and thoughtful and accurate attack strategies Neon Battle HD is a unique multiplayer experience.

    How long will you be able to survive against wave after wave of enemy? Some fire streams of projectiles, some dart around the screen evading your fire, and some speed toward you. Fend them off and collect the power ups and points multipliers along the way to increase your score. Can you top the leaderboards?

    Neon Battle HD incorporates stunning High Definition modern visuals with a taste of old school retro-arcade graphics. Watch your enemies explode in a hail of blue, green, purple, yellow and white as you blast them to smithereens. There are a huge variety of enemies to contend with, in all shapes and sizes.

    Obliterate the enemy projectiles using regular cannon fire, a powerful plasma beam, or a super devastating laser beam. If you are becoming overrun then use one of your bombs to clear the entire screen. Pick up power-ups in single player in order to stand a chance against the increasingly difficult enemy waves. This game is a challenge, are you up to it?

    How will you compare to your friends, find out using the online leaderboard and built in achievement system!

    The game is published by Chillingo, more information on their website.
    01-09-2011 04:10 PM