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    Doodle Kart is a Doodle style top down driving game. It's funny and addictive which you'll think the game is so unique comparing with other driving games. Items/Weapons are supported during the race. You can fire a pencil/bullet to attack opponent's cars. For some special items, you can even enlarge your car to run over the other cars!

    "Tthere are a bunch of doodle games, but how many can you count that use racing in them?" appmodo.com

    Doodle Kart has all the fun of a standard driving game, with some doodle fun and extra surprises thrown in. iphonefootprint.com

    "a meticulously hand-drawn, car-on-graph paper racing app. " freeiphoneapps4u.blogspot.com

    "Like Doodle games? Then you definitely shouldn't miss Doodle Kart" app-reciationreviews.blogspot.com

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    iTunes Link : Doodle Kart - Multiplay for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
    01-08-2011 08:13 PM