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    WeMetPro WeMet Pro for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store offers a one step exchange & sharing of contact information via SMS and Email. The app provides a straight and effortless means of exchanging contact details to its iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users .

    The idea behind creation of WeMetPro originates from common problems faced in real-life networking situations.

    1. Grappling with remembering how you used your new ‘user-friendly’ $0.99 app the first time for speedy contact sharing. (Yes – theres No Help available!)
    2. Fearing the teeny weeny doubt of not having your new contact saved – only to find out later that your worst nightmare has indeed come true. Murphy strikes!
    3. Ensuring that your contact is using the same application as you are
    4. Embarrassment of confirming and reconfirming if the contact details have been exchanged accurately
    5. Obsessively trying out a dozen more apps hoping to find one just right for you

    WeMetPro follows the simple, safe and efficient contact sharing app philosophy. It lets you create a contact profile that you can share with contacts on the fly easily. You then enter a new contact’s details (name, work, mobile etc), select the contact mode (SMS/Email) and tap the "Save new contact and send my profile” for instantaneous info exchange. The new contact is added in your contact book. You even have options to ‘Send My Profile Only” and “Save New Contact Only”.

    WeMetPro Pro also offers the ability to:

    • email contact profile to multiple recipients
    • add contact’s photo
    • send contact profile to existing contacts in Contacts Book
    • store timestamp and GPS location whenever a new contact is created

    All WeMetPro requires is a stable internet connection or Wi-Fi for exchanging of contact information.

    WeMetPro is by far the most simple and efficient contact sharing app available out there. It has been designed with a keen eye on UI details, features and aesthetics.

    The lite version WeMet is available at WeMet for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
    01-08-2011 02:34 AM