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    It is the year 2275, and earth as we know it has come to an end. The last remaining survivors have sought out to restore the planets resources using their unique space crafts known as Elementals. The Elementals have set out into deep space to collect vital elements while avoiding the deathly fireballs of deep space in hopes to restore balance to the once fruitful planet.

    Time is of the essence and it's up to you to help the Elementals in their quest to save their dying planet.

    Elementals features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based world with zero gravity all controlled via the iPhone's accelerometer. You get 30 levels in easy mode and another 30 in extreme mode that all require extreme logic, timing, skill and lots of patience to conquer. Quite possibly the hardest game that will be on the App Store.

    Features a total of 60 levels (Easy / Extreme), accelerometer, Retina Display Support, leaderboards, achievements, Facebook and Twitter Integration

    I've started development of Elementals about 5 months ago in my spare time. I've done all of it myself, coding, artwork, concept and design, etc...

    Main Game Menu:

    screen1 by chrs944, on Flickr

    Options Menu:

    screen2 by chrs944, on Flickr

    Level Selection Menu:

    screen3 by chrs944, on Flickr

    Level 2

    screen4 by chrs944, on Flickr

    The above are just a few of the screen shots of Elementals. I am hoping to have everything done and submitted to the app store before the end of January.

    Right now I'm working on memory optimization and plugging a few leaks. If you want to stay up to date you are more then welcome to follow us on Twitter & FaceBook

    Beta Testing Begins Soon

    If you'd like to be a part of the Beta Testing Team please send an e-mail with your info to chrs944@gmail.com with the subject line Elementals HD Beta Testing

    Please be sure to include the following:

    1. Your Name
    2. Your E-mail
    3. Your Device Type iPhone, iPhone 3g, iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, iPad, iPod Touch, etc..
    4. Your website or blog if you have one

    Being a part of the Beta Testing Team will get your name / blog / website listed in the credits and also allow you to be among the first to write up a review.
    01-06-2011 01:33 PM
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    I still have some open slots for Beta Testers available. Beta Testing will begin this evening. Please send me an e-mail if you are interested.
    01-12-2011 12:58 PM