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    New app to celebrate Australia Day has been released called "my Australia Day" by Appinators!!!

    For all you Aussies far and wide wanting to celebrate Australia Day or stuck for something to do, this app is for you. This is the must have app to think ahead for this special day Downunder. And if you don't know what this is about, read on and download so you too can learn more about Australia Day.

    To download this application search for 'my Australia Day' in iTunes.

    It comes with the following features :

    Aussie Singalong - singalong with popular songs about Australia. Don't worry if you are out of tune, these are not professional recordings!!

    Daily Quiz - each day a new quiz question comes up to test your knowledge of Australia spanning geography, politics, entertainment and more

    Aussie Games - there are suggestions of ten games that you can play with friends and family, with each having the rules listed in case you don't know them. Note : these games are not electronic (gasp) - but bound to get you having fun with others for Australia Day. Learn about gumboot throwing, boomarang throwing, backyard cricket, catching bottlecaps off your elbows and more!

    Countdown - come back and check this often to find out how far away Australia Day is. There is also a countdown message that is updated often- so be sure to check.

    Aussie Slang - learn some slang or check your own understanding of Aussie Slang.*

    The Flag - learn some more about our national flag and all the bits on it

    Things to Do - browse through this list to find something to do on Australia Day. Don't be lying around at home playing with electronic gadgets - get out there and enjoy Australia Day!

    What's On - When you are really stuck for something to do to celebrate Australia Day, these links will take you to key websites around Australia to find out what's on.
    01-06-2011 03:27 AM