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    As children, I am sure we all would have climbed trees, and in this way at some point grazed our hands and feet. Now here's a game which is all about Crazy Monkey. This game is very enthusiastic game. In this game monkey has to attain greater heights by climbing up the canopies of the tree.

    If you want to explore the fun then you must check this game

    Download for this apple appstore in iTunes.


    1. Balloon power - help to soar greater heights
    2. Full force jump and the linear jump option, Moreover, this option helps Crazy Monkey with extra bounce, especially when he touches a panther!
    3. Linear force Jump - helps Crazy Monkey with quicker and faster power. However, this option is very limited in the game play.

    Enjoy playing Crazy Monkey you would love it.....
    01-06-2011 12:00 AM