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    I have done a search but I can't seem to find an answer, so I'm looking for some help. Is it possible to transfer saved game app data from one device to another? My wife has been playing Pocket Frogs, and has reached a pretty high level. I'm jealous of her, and I want to be at the same level

    Is there a way to restore her backed up game data to my device? FWIW, she's on an IP4, and I'm on a 3GS. We're both on 4.1 and jailbroken (and don't want to loose our JB's).

    I know the logical answer is to just have me play the game for a month straight and reach her level, but I'm looking for a little less time consuming method.

    01-05-2011 12:29 PM
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    Checkout the website icopybot DOTCOM (sorry, this site wont let me post web links yet, ha!!)

    Navigate to icopybot DOTCOM / blog / share-iphone-game-data-file DOTHTM

    The procedure mentioned is for iTunes Backup manager for Windows, but their latest sofware is iBackupBot for iTunes.

    I can do the export bit, but become a little stuck on the restore section, as I can't find where to select restore modified files only.

    Hopefully you'll have more luck than me, then you can update this post.

    Cheers Alan

    ps, actually as you and your wife are JB'd, maybe all you need is a something like the iPhone Browser (available at HTTP : // code DOT google DOTCOM / p / iphonebrowser / ... that should allow you to copy the necessary plist files from one device to the other.
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    01-07-2011 05:25 AM
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    Thanks. I'll give it a shot when I get home from work and let you know how it went.
    01-07-2011 08:46 AM