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    LINK: Crazy Cat USA for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
    After the great success of Crazy Cat, "Crazy Cat USA" is now finally available for download!
    Crazy Cat USA is a brain game for iPhone and iPod touch, for all ages.

    If you've already been playing with Crazy Cat, you will surely love and have fun with Crazy Cat USA, since the gameplay has been improved with new checkpoints and a total of 7 lives (like cats, indeed!).

    There are more than 50 levels in which you'll have to help the Crazy Cat to solve the enigma, switching from fast thinking to logic and memory games. Watch out the traps you're going to face through the levels.

    The game will drive you to many different situations in which you will have to make full use of your Apple device, thanks to the accelerometer and the Retina Display.

    Crazy Cat USA is available for download in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Japanese.

    The game is designed to be played and completed by everybody, in fact many users appreciate the duration of the game because it's neither long nor short. It's an ideal iPhone/iPod touch game with an excellent price/quality ratio.

    This is what the users who've been playing with Crazy Cat say:
    "I adore Crazy Cat"
    "A brillant game"
    "Perfect for killing time and it costs less than a coffee"
    "Perfect iPhone game to play with during the lunch break"
    "My entire family is playing with this game, thanks!"

    Once you've purchased Crazy Cat USA, if you want to send us a feedback or simply give us a suggestion or need help, you can contact us at crazycatusa@sviluppoiphoneitalia.com and we'll be pleased to help you.

    Crazy Cat USA is available for only 0,79.
    Try it now!

    LINK: Crazy Cat USA for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
    01-03-2011 07:35 PM
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    good looking
    01-04-2011 10:19 PM

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