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    Bugg: share your location with your friends!


    Bugg is the best way to see where your friends are and what they are up to right now. You can quickly and easily see your friends on a map and leave them a message to meet up with just a few taps. Bugg is simple, functional and fun!

    We have a short video on our website that will let you understand quickly what the app is about. WATCH VIDEO DEMO

    NO SIGN UP REQUIRED and NO NEED TO ADD FRIENDS: Just log in with your Facebook Account and you'll be enjoying Bugg in no time! This way you'll also be bringing along all of your friends without having to add them one by one!

    SHARE YOUR LOCATION WITH FACEBOOK AND TWITTER: Bugg is perfectly integrated with the services you already use; even friends not yet on Bugg can know where you are.

    NOTIFICATIONS SUPPORT: Bugg will let you know when a friend is nearby or when someone has left a comment to one of your statuses; you won't have to keep checking the app.

    REQUEST A FRIEND'S POSITION: A friend hasn't updated his position in a while and you would like to know where he is right now? Just a tap, and you know.

    BACKGROUND UPDATE: You can choose to have Bugg update your position automatically even when the app is closed.

    SECURE PRIVACY SETTINGS: Only your friends can see where you are and you can always temporarily block any of them if you don't want them to know where you are.


    Website Link: www.bugg.it

    App Store Link: Bugg

    We love feedback! Leave a review, comment or write something on our support page!

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    i use latitude!
    Don't! Using Latitude is a nightmare and by using your GPS continuously it will drain your batteries in a heartbeat! Plus you can't even connect it to you facebook account!

    Bugg is smarter than that!
    12-28-2010 01:59 PM
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    We've just released Bugg 1.0.2. It introduces a cool new tutorial mode for new users and a few minor tweaks and fixes.

    Check it out!
    01-10-2011 07:17 PM