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    Now Virtual Beauty Makeover Is Just Your iphone Away & It’s Free
    1000Lookz’s FREE iphone App Lets You Create Instant Makeovers & Share Online

    The new free iphone beauty makeover app offers exciting features including the top most popular and impressive list of “instant” cosmetic looks like Classic, Natural, Teen, Dramatic, Bridal, Celebrity, Corporate and Diva created by top cosmetic specialists from Europe.

    1000Lookz’s virtual beauty makeover is a free beauty app for the iphone, the web and for Facebook that allows women of all ages to virtually go for different make-ups and makeovers. This includes foundation, blush, gloss, lipstick, eye shadow and eye liners that are available in hundreds of shades and colors from leading brand names. 1000Lookz free iphone application will also show the exact brands and shades that have been chosen. The upgraded versions that are expected to be released at short regular intervals will include more internationally renowned brands.

    With “1000Lookz” virtual beauty makeover free iphone app, you can either choose a model that matches with you skin tone or sign up for free to upload you own photo to try on the most in style cosmetic looks on yourselves. Also, you can adjust make-ups and even share you new looks with their friends on Facebook or share it through email.

    The free beauty makeover iphone application is now available for download from the U.S. iTunes store at 1000Lookz for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store. The free web version of the 1000Lookz virtual beauty makeover is accessible here 1000Lookz. The link to the Facebook app can be found here 1000lookz Virtual Makeover on Facebook For more information on 1000Lookz Free Virtual Beauty Makeover apps for iphone, website and Facebook, please visit Virtual Makeover Online, Virtual iphone, Virtual ipad Touch, My Virtual Model, India
    12-24-2010 01:23 AM