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    AskLocal is a revolutionary location-based messaging app that's great for announcing events, sharing opinions, buying/selling stuff, offering services, gathering news, and even crowd-sourcing work.

    AskLocal lets you post messages pinned anywhere in the world and you decide who sees them based on how near or far they are from your messages. [it's only recently launched, so the number of messages is small but growing.]

    AskLocal is great for asking questions in your neighborhood, checking out what's going on anywhere in the world, posting event announcements, job listings, lost & found notices, etc.

    Think of a post on AskLocal as if it were a flyer nailed to a tree or a big billboard seen by passers by. Similarly, AskLocal posts can only be "seen" by other users who are physically near the location of your post - and you decide how near or far your post is "visible".

    AskLocal is free and doesn't require registration or login! Download it here and tell your friends

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